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Value Added Products Supervisor


PH, Job Ref. HR-VAPS


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Recruiter: PALMHOUSE DAIRY Updated on: 2019-06-13 02:10:01
Contract Permanent
Location: Central Available: ASAP
Category: Production
FMCG / Retail / Wholesale
Nutrition / Food Security
Offer: KSH 35,000



Ensure the processing of value added dairy products under stringent hygienic conditions and maintain accurate records thereof.

Minimum Requirements

•    Minimum Qualification: Diploma in Food Technology or equivalent qualification
•    Minimum two (2) years previous experience in a dairy/food processing plant in the value added products department
•    Flexibility with ability to work different shifts/weekends and meet strict deadlines
•    Clean medical record



Job Specification

•    An active member of the management committee    
•    Updated management on emerging trends in the Value Added Products
•    Drive innovation of  Value Added Products to keep the company competitive in the market dynamics 
•    Execute Value Added products production plans in collaboration with the Factory Manager 
•    Organize production activities for the value added products and ensure their smooth running
•    Ensure all products are processed and packed as per company quality Management procedures
•    Guide and train value added production staff to ensure achievement of goals/targets
•    Liaise with Quality Assurance Officer to ensure processing standards are observed and perform quality control activities         as necessary to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
•    Ensure that high standards of hygiene and sanitation are maintained within and around the processing area
•    Oversee the proper usage and maintenance of processing equipment 
•    Conduct daily checks to ensure that production staff observe high hygienic standards 
•    Advise on acquisition of the necessary materials and implements for products processing
•    In charge of requisition of processing and packing materials from the store
•    Keep accurate up to date records on processing and cleaning
•    Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time

•    Excellent written and oral communication skills.
•    Independent thinker with good planning and organizing abilities
•    Good analytical skills
•    Self-motivated and able to prioritize multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment with the flexibility to work extended hours        when required
•    Able to uphold high ethical and professional standards
•    Integrity, with a commitment to service

Please note this advert has expired and you can not apply for it any longer.


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