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Area Sales Manager-Kenya



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Recruiter: John Deere Updated on: 2018-04-10 02:10:02
Contract Permanent
Location: Nairobi Available: ASAP
Category: Sales / Telesales Offer: 215, 045



John Deere- Kenya is looking for an area sales agent to grow the usage of finance products and portfolio balances in Kenya.

Minimum Requirements




Job Specification

Grows the usage of finance products and portfolio balances for a given          
geographic area. Works with dealers/merchants and customers to arrange and      
structure financing of products and services provided to customers within the   
Deere channel or through independent merchants. Works in a sales network that   
may include dealers/merchants, customers, channel partners and has              
responsibility for achieving goals related to the scope and scale of business   
opportunity and breadth of product lines for which the Area Sales Manager has    
responsibility in the market.                                                   
MAJOR DUTIES: Description of the major duties performed in this job.
* Works with channel partners/end users to capture their retail and lease      
   business, revolving business/accounts receivables and/or operating business  
   utilizing John Deere Financial (JDF) product tools, payment calculators,     
   and product pricing models. (eg. Factor charts, JDF calculators, t-Value).   
*  Obtains ongoing commitment of dealers/merchants to maximize use of John      
   Deere Financial lease, installment and/or revolving finance products to      
   increase retail sales of goods and services in an assigned territory;        
   Recruits, enrolls, and develops additional revolving dealers/merchants.   


Please note this advert has expired and you can not apply for it any longer.


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