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Recruiter: Human Capital Synergies (HCS) Africa Ltd Updated on: 2018-03-01 02:10:02
Contract Permanent
Location: Nairobi Available: As soon as possible
Category: Program / Project Management Offer: Competitive



The African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) is currently recruiting for the position of Programme Director (PD). The (PD) is responsible for leading and shaping the programmatic work of ACTS, reporting to the Executive Director, with an ex-officio post on the Executive Committee of the Governing Council.

Minimum Requirements

1.The desired candidate has a strong technical background in the relevant area;

2.Proven ability to manage programmes, operations and budgets, as well as plan for an organization of the size of ACTS.

3.The desired candidate has advanced degree in a relevant subject;

4.At least five years’ experience in a similar position in a reputable organization.

5.The candidate has thorough understanding of program management techniques and methods; excellent knowledge of performance evaluation techniques and key metrics; reporting and budgeting; business acumen with strategic ability;

6.Excellent organizational and management skills; analytical mindset with great problem-solving abilities; and excellent communication skills.


Job Specification

The African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) is a pioneering development research think tank on harnessing applications of science, technology and innovation policies for sustainable development in Africa. ACTS is an intergovernmental organization founded in 1988 to pursue policy-oriented research analysis and advocacy, leading to formulation and practice of sound policies that protect the environment, promote sustainable development, and contribute to better living standards for all in Africa. ACTS envisions a sustainable economic, social and environmental future for Africa, through science, technology and innovation.

In collaboration with the Senior Researchers, the Programme Director (PD) supports the development, and oversees implementation of a portfolio of research programmes and projects in line with the ACTS Strategy. The PD has: a broad knowledge of programme management principles; has a strategic mindset; is able to develop and lead expert teams and individuals in a collaborative way; and is delivery oriented. The PD ensures every programme is delivered successfully and timely, and adds the highest possible value to the organization. The PD is keen on operational details and has experience in managing research programmes. Past research emphasis in Science, Technology and Innovation policy is an added advantage.


Key responsibilities include:


  1. Oversee the coordination and administration of research operations including planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling programme activities.
  2. Develop and implement tools and systems for effective programme management including planning, implementation, monitoring & evaluation and reporting.
  3. Nurture a culture of continuous development of individuals and teams to optimize internal capacity and competence of ACTS in the field of Science, Technology and Innovation policy research.
  4. In consultation with the Executive Director and Financial Director, develop and/or oversee a conducive policy framework for effective and efficient programme and research operations.
  5. Support the development and nurturing of strategic partnerships and relationships with governments as well as with national, regional, and international organizations and other key players to maximize opportunities, effectiveness and impact.
  6. Provide hands-on technical support in the design, reviews and implementation of a business development strategy for ACTS. The PD must be able to initiate new projects in collaboration with the research staff and in collaboration with the Executive Director.
  7. Provide technical support to the Executive Director in monitoring and analyzing trends relevant for continuous strategic alignment of the organization’s mission and programme goals with the external environment including the changing development priorities of countries and development agencies, while protecting the identity and brand of ACTS.
  8. Carry out continuous assessment and development of research capacity of ACTS through staff training and development, and by securing resources and expertise required to deliver on short and long term research objectives
  9. Develop and instill a sense of accountability among individuals and team members by modeling tight oversight of individual and organization performance standards
  10. Represent the ACTS Secretariat as an ex-officio member in its dealings with the Executive Committee of the Governing Council on programme matters.
  11. Represent ACTS Secretariat by invitation in its dealings with the Governing Council on programme matters.

The role is based in Nairobi, Kenya. Please visit the ACTS Website: for further information about ACTS.


Please note this advert has expired and you can not apply for it any longer.


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