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Fund Development & Communications Manager



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Recruiter: Anonymous Updated on: 2018-04-06 02:10:03
Contract Permanent
Location: Nairobi Available: Immediate
Category: Fundraising / Advocacy Offer: Competitive



Our Client in the NGO sector seeks to recruit a Fund Development & Communications Manager who will pursue opportunities countrywide to cover the National Associations’ running costs and investments in order to increase the financial self-sufficiency of the National Association by fundraising activities of all kind.

Minimum Requirements


Job Specification

1.   Develop, implement and evaluate the fundraising strategy.

  • Set the strategic direction of the fundraising role in the organisation.
  • Prepare a thorough fundraising plan indicating concrete actions and targets to be achieved on an annual basis.
  • Provide advice to the CEO on opportunities for increasing the public profile of the organization potential funding and sponsorship opportunities from philanthropic foundations, trusts, the community, business, corporate, government sectors as well as individuals.
  • Responsible for the national fundraising activities of the organization. Coordinate its fundraising activities and other facilities.
  • Attend all annual and monthly management meetings.
  • Evaluate and review the fundraising strategy at least every two years.


2.   Coordinate the activities of fundraising.

  • Provide an outline of medium-term priorities and financial forecasts on a quarterly basis.
  • Compile monthly, quarterly and annual budgets and financial projections, highlighting the needs and amounts required.
  • Evaluate activities against key performance indicators and use the information gained to improve and raise net income.
  • Document and keep records, databases, results and experiences of all associations with funding organisations and companies to ensure continuity and inform future decisions and actions.
  • Attend all external functions which would be of benefit to the activities of this position.


3.    Public Relations and communication.

  • Develop and implement a public relations and media strategy for the organization, ensuring that all our communication is consistent, based on the same global brand framework stressing our roots, vi­sion, mission and values.
    • Provide public relations and media support for special public events and handling all complaints or queries from the public through telephone calls or letters as directed by the CEO. Attend to presentations requests made by corporate, individual groups and members of the diplomatic corps.
  • Support and take a lead role in any special fundraising or public relations activities and events which concern the facilities within the National Association. Liaise with these facilities and invite local sponsors to special functions being held.
  • Develop and produce publications including reports, articles, pamphlets and brochures, to promote the organization and its activities. Ensure that adequate stocks of public relations and marketing support materials are available for inclusion in fundraising proposals and distribution.
  • Develop, maintain and update the existing child sponsorship database.
  • Produce transparent documents that show the local child sponsorship tariffs, how these figures are arrived at and justification for review.
  • Ensure that informative letters and gratitude notes are frequently sent to individual and corporate sponsors, donors and partners in a timely fashion.
  • Ensure that the villages regularly submit articles to the National Office for inclusion in newsletters and pamphlets. Ensure that all messages to the media or any other body reflects the image / standards required by the organization.


4.  Build and develop a committed and effective fundraising team.

  • Develop, maintain and update the organization volunteer database. Coordinate all volunteers activities.
    • Supervise and appraise the performance of the Fundraising and Communications Officer and Assistant as well as volunteers who may be engaged from time to time.Work with and motivate all the staff to ensure support and effectiveness in fundraising activities.  Educate all staff on how their interaction with potential and existing supporters influences the organization brand.


5.  Accountability

  • Work closely with the facility heads to ensure that funds and donations-in-kind received are recorded and dealt with as necessary.
  • Ensure that the organization fundraising costs remain below 25% of total fundraising income by keeping administration costs attributed to fundraising and public relations ac­tivities as low as possible, while at the same time expanding fundraising efforts and revenue.
  • Maintain constant contact with local sponsors, keeping them informed of developments and activities within the National Association. Build a long-term relationship with donors by nurturing their engagement and trust in the impact of our work. Fundraising products and services based on knowledge of donors’ expectations and reasons for giving and effective donor’s service.
  • Responsible for the implementation of the donations-in-kind guidelines and the achievement of the overall budgeted income from donations-in-kind.
  • 6. Advocacy
    • Develop, approach and maintain appropriate relations with potential donor companies, firms, organisations, foundations, civil societies and the government for assistance, as well as media outlets and individuals in writing, sending proposals and funding applications as required ensuring adequate follow ups.


  • Form alliances with ‘like minded’ entities addressing gender, community, guardianship issues as well as defence of the Children’s Rights and support the creation of solid bases to establish alliances with child based institutions.


  • Advocate for the organization to participate in forums and discussions on issues concerning children and women by researching any new information the organization needs to get hold of to broaden our opportunities. Collate and record information that is relevant to organization operations, and mark relevant dates.


          7.Support of local and international sponsorship

  • Coordinate and ensures the Smooth flow of sponsors Correspondence
  • Supports in co-ordinating International Sponsorship Activity
  • Coordinates detailed Records and Ensure Accountability of Money Gifts
  • Ensures Good Relationship with Local and International Sponsor
  • Fulfils the Requirements of the International Sponsorship Office

       8. Child Protection

  • At all times, avoid actions or behaviour that could be construed as poor or potentially abusive practice. Whatever decisions and actions taken should be with the best interest of the child in mind.



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