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Project Management Specialist (Rule of Law and Governance)




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Recruiter: USAID Kenya Updated on: 2018-11-20 02:10:01
Contract Permanent
Location: Nairobi Available: Immediately
Category: N/A Offer: Equivalent to FSN-PSC 11 (Step 1 4,327,568 KSH to Step 13 7,356,848 KSH per annum). In accordance with AIDAR Appendix J and the Local Compensation Plan of USAID/Kenya and East Africa. Final compensation will be negotiated within the listed market value.



The Project Management Specialist will be charged with the primary responsibility for monitoring and evaluating the progress and impact of USAID democracy, stabilization and governance programs and activities and provide managerial support for the development and implementation of related strategies, programs, and activities in Somalia.

Minimum Requirements


Any application that does not meet the minimum requirements stated below will not be evaluated. Only short listed applicants will be contacted. If you have not been contacted within one month from the closing date of this advertisement, please consider your application unsuccessful.


A. Education: Bachelor's Degree in Social Science, Political Science, Public Administration, Development Studies, Program Management, or a related field. The field of study should have provided the incumbent with a skill set suited to critical thinking and flexible analytical problem solving.  

B. Prior Work Experience:  A minimum of five years of progressively responsible, professional-level experience in international development is required.  Experience must have provided the opportunity for development of sectoral and project documents, and performance of project design, program planning, and/or implementation work.  Three or more of the five years of prior professional work experience must be in the areas of: democracy, stabilization, governance, humanitarian assistance, parliamentary strengthening, institutional capacity building, elections, political processes, security sector reform, legal/constitutional work, access to justice, conflict resolution, civil society capacity building, and local governance. At least two of the five years of experience should have been in development-related work for US foreign affairs, a bilateral or multilateral donor agency, INGO, UN agency, Government ministry or private-sector institution that implements international development activities. Experience should also include performance monitoring, and/or the analysis and interpretation of large amounts of data.  

C. Post Entry Training:  Familiarization training in USAID-specific procedures, regulations, and methods, and orientation to working from a donor-Agency perspective, etc., will be provided. Successful completion of formal COR/AOR certification courses is required. Other training to maintain professional capability in the field, and other courses offered for professional USAID staff, as appropriate; and, courses, seminars, conferences, and other activities in fields related to the sector and needed to maintain and update professional qualifications, as they become available will be provided, subject to offerings and the availability of funds.    

D. Language Proficiency: Fluency in both written and oral English (Level IV) and fluency (written/spoken/reading) in Somali is required. Language ability will be tested. Given the nature of the position, effective communications (written/spoken/reading) are absolutely critical to perform successfully in this position and must be exceptional. The incumbent must be able to communicate clearly and effectively with: 1) all categories of USG employees at post and in Washington, D.C.; 2) Somali government officials; 3) International Organizations, Donors, and Embassies; and 4) the general public. The incumbent is required to be able to prepare concise/thorough documents and reports including but not limited to: concept papers; scopes of work; reports; budgets; a range of other project documents for internal and external purposes; human interest stories; and correspondence, all of which must be done in a professional and competent manner requiring little or no editorial changes. The incumbent will also be required to be able to speak publically in English and in Somali representing USAID effectively and competently.    

E. Job Knowledge: Must have knowledge of the current state of development in Somalia. Must possess extensive knowledge of Somali cultures, societies, and values, especially regarding the conditions and role of women, and be willing to learn relevant USAID procedures and regulations.     

F. Skills and Abilities:  This position requires experience in a program management, political analysis, program reporting and monitoring, and strong interpersonal and team-building skills. The ability to serve as an effective liaison with a wide array of individuals and institutions is essential. S/he must be able to prepare clear, substantive reports and briefing papers in English, in a timely manner, and have the ability to develop a thorough understanding of USAID and host-government policies.  Excellent interpersonal skills in various settings and good social and professional judgment along with ability to undertake extensive field trips in Somalia, including Somaliland, Puntland, and  Federal Member States, as security permits are essential; ability to maintain collaborative working relationship in a team structure.  Able to work under complex situations and maintain high-quality work output.  Able to develop and maintain an extensive range of working level contacts with stakeholders.  Able to communicate ideas in writing and orally, clearly and effectively in English.  A strong ability to analyze information, evaluate data and prepare reports and related documents in English.  Computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point is essential to the effective performance of this job.



Applicants must submit a resume/cv which describes how their relevant professional experience and education has prepared them to meet the specific challenges of the duties and responsibilities described above.  As part of the interview process, those applicants ranked highest may be required to submit a timed writing sample on a topic provided.  The selection committee may conduct reference checks at any time during the selection process.


Applications that do not meet the required minimum qualifications will not be scored.  

- Prior work experience  (35 points) 

- Language (10 points)

- Job Knowledge (25 points)

- Skills and abilities (30 points)

Total possible points:  100


Candidates meeting the above required qualifications for the position will be evaluated based on information presented in the application and reference checks.   References will be asked to assess the applicant’s technical knowledge, work performance, communication skills, and group dynamics, using the above criteria.   USAID reserves the right to conduct interviews with the top ranked short-listed applicants.  The interview will be one of the determining factors in the final selection.


Job Specification


1. SOLICITATION NO.: 18-166 

2. ISSUANCE DATE: October 23, 2018

3. CLOSING DATE/TIME FOR RECEIPT OF OFFERS: November 12, 2018 (4:30 PM East Africa Time)

4. POSITION TITLE: Project Management Specialist (Rule of Law and Governance)

5. MARKET VALUE:  Equivalent to FSN-PSC 11 (Step 1 4,327,568 KSH to Step 13 7,356,848 KSH per annum). In accordance with AIDAR Appendix J and the Local Compensation Plan of USAID/Kenya and East Africa. Final compensation will be negotiated within the listed market value.

6. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE:  1 year probation period with possibility of contract renewal depending on successful performance, funding availability and continued need for the position.

7. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: Nairobi, Kenya; with possible travel as stated in the Statement of Work.

8. SECURITY CERTIFICATION REQUIRED: Prior to joining USAID, the selected candidate will be required to:

• Undergo a comprehensive background investigation 

• Undergo a health check to obtain medical clearance and;

• Obtain and Retain an embassy issued Security Certification.


10. AREA OF CONSIDERATION: Open to qualified Kenyan Citizens, Current employees of the U.S. Mission and Third Country Nationals (TCN’s).  Employees currently on probation are ineligible to apply. USAID provides equal opportunity and equitable treatment for employment of all people without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, political affiliation, disability status, veteran status, marital status or any other characteristic for equality of opportunity in all aspects of employment.

11. PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The position requirements do not involve rigorous physical demands.



The Project Management Specialist will be charged with the primary responsibility for monitoring and evaluating the progress and impact of USAID democracy, stabilization and governance programs and activities and provide managerial support for the development and implementation of related strategies, programs, and activities in Somalia. She/he will be held accountable for and evaluated against mutually established specific work objectives and performance indicators. The incumbent will utilize her/his technical skills and knowledge of program implementation to recognize opportunities for new initiatives and propose modifications of program results.  She/he will ensure financial and administrative management of his/her assigned programs, including Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) and Agreement Officer’s Representative (AOR) duties.  Secondary responsibilities, as delegated, may include program management in areas such as media, access to justice, reconciliation, and conflict management and mitigation.  The incumbent will carry out his/her duties as a staff member of the Democracy, Stabilization and Governance (DSG) Team in the Somalia Field Office, working in collaboration with other members of the team.  

The Democracy, Stabilization and Governance team, within the USAID Somalia Field Office, manages a portfolio that includes the $25 million Expanding Access to Justice (EAJ) program, the $67 million Transition Initiatives for Stabilization Plus (TIS+), and a proposed $29 million State and Local Governance support program. The EAJ Program is USAID/Somalia’s flagship program to provide a multi-faceted approach to increasing access to justice in Somalia for individuals and communities, with a distinct emphasis on working with vulnerable populations that historically have had low access to grievance and redress mechanisms in informal and formal legal systems. Given the regional differences in access to formal and informal justice systems, interventions will be tailored to the community needs and implementation methodologies will be adaptable to the local situation. The TIS+ program provides quick impact, results-based activities to demonstrate peace dividends, to promote recovery and to support Somalia's progress towards a more stable, democratic and prosperous state. The TIS+ program provides public goods and services through community driven processes that promote cooperation. Community driven development projects provide economic opportunities to previously marginalized areas. Programs are managed out of the Somalia Field Office located in USAID/KEA in Nairobi, Kenya with frequent travel to Somalia. 



A. Program Planning (30%)

Assist with the strategic planning and design of development activities, intermediate results, modifications to activity designs, and measures of achievement in Somalia. This will include USAID’s Operational Plan, Performance Plan and Report, DSG Project Appraisal Document, and the U.S. Embassy’s Mission Strategic Resource Plan.

B. Program Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (30%)

• Day-to-day oversight and management of performance to ensure program implementation achieves planned results.  He/she will, in collaboration with implementing partners, develop performance monitoring systems and report on program performance, in accordance with USAID reporting requirements. 

• Monitor progress and impact of USAID democracy, stabilization and governance programs in Somalia through continuous contact with implementing partners. This will include travel to Somalia when appropriate. 

• Track, revise, and report on indicators of results and ensure that measurements of progress are accurate and clearly describe the objectives of the program and the results achieved.  

• Report to USAID staff on progress and impact of USAID programs as appropriate during program implementation reviews and during the preparation of USAID's annual performance report.  Generate weekly and annual reporting as per USAID requirements.

• Conduct regular data quality assessments to ensure that indicators and data for USAID–funded programs are appropriate, collectible, and accurate.

• Regularly communicate and interact with USAID and Somalia stakeholders, including beneficiary communities, private sector firms, country development committees, government actors, civilian administrations, civil society groups, Somali indigenous NGOs, and international NGOs and UN agencies.

• Monitor relevant news and analysis sources to assist the DSG Team and Somalia Field Office to better understand and address the complex governance, conflict, and social issues affecting Somalia and use the information and analysis to ensure that ongoing and planned programs in Somalia remain relevant.

• Represent USAID and participate in conferences, workshops, and meetings.

• Work closely with stakeholders and partners to ensure that program achievements and lessons learned are properly disseminated.

• Prepare summary tables, graphs, and charts on the above information for the purpose of better informing USAID and Somalia stakeholders on trends, status, needs, and opportunities.

• Maintain liaison and professional exchanges with statistical offices and institutions to be familiar with their statistical information systems in order both to obtain information from those systems and as appropriate to recommend means of improving those systems through USAID programs or otherwise.

C. Program Management (30%)

• Carry out official Activity Manager duties, transitioning to Alternative or Primary Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) and Agreement Officer’s Representative (AOR) duties, for specific USAID-funded development activities in Somalia.  

• Oversee the development of annual work-plans by implementing partners.  Review annual work plans and activity plans for comprehensiveness, clarity, and adherence to the Somalia Field Office’s Operational Plan and Strategic Statement.  

• Draft statements of work, procurement documents, congressional notifications, correspondence, and other documentation.

• Plan and track expenditures and obligations in grants and contracts and ensure that the flow of funds within the program is not disrupted.

• Serve on technical and sectorial coordination committees as a USAID representative.

• Foster donor coordination by participating in donor meetings as USAID liaison.

• Keep donor and implementing partners informed of USAID assistance plans, implementation progress, and relevant USAID processes through regular communications and meetings.

• Maintain regular contact with implementing partners to support activity implementation and assess its effectiveness, efficiency, and impact, including reviewing and commenting on partners’ periodic reports.  

• Coordinate the activities of short-term consultants and visitors for the Somalia program.

D. Administration and representation: (10%)

• Perform USAID internal administrative tasks and other tasks as required such as actively participating in strategic planning and project design; and gathering information for draft concept papers, scopes of work, budget preparation, and evaluation.  

• Represent the USAID Somalia program as required at official meetings and events and provide written reporting as appropriate.



A. Supervision Received: The position will be supervised directly by, and report to, the USDH DSG Office Chief in the USAID/Kenya and East Africa/Somalia Field Office, or his/her designate, and will work in close coordination with the other members of the Somalia Field Office.  The Project Management Specialist will participate as a full team member of the Somalia Field Office. Performance is evaluated annually on basis of achieving work objectives and performance measures. Assignments are made orally and in writing. Most assignments are self-generated, and occur in the normal course of the work. S/he exercises independence in most phases of the assignment, but determines those situations that must be coordinated with the supervisor. The supervisor provides a review of the assignment, the goals and objectives to be achieved, and the results expected. The incumbent seeks advice and assistance as required. Completed work is accepted as technically correct, and the overall assignment is reviewed in terms of results achieved.        

B. Supervision Exercised:    This is a Non-Supervisory Position; although may have to supervise activities as COR/AOR.    

C. Available Guidelines:    USAID Automated directives system (ADS) and USAID policies on program management and program implementation     

D. Exercise of Judgment:  Independent judgment is required to establish cooperative relationships with Somali stakeholders and beneficiaries and to assess with sensitivity the needs and concerns of customers, service providers and managers in the sector.  Must judge the soundness of the implementation of programs, monitoring, research and evaluation tools of USAID's service provision programs.     

E. Authority to Make Commitments:  The incumbent will have no independent authority to make any resource commitments or commit U.S Government (USG) or USAID/Kenya and East Africa/Somalia Field Office funds on behalf of the U.S Government (USG) or USAID/KEA/Somalia Field Office .       

F. Nature, Level, and Purpose of Contacts: Maintains liaison with Somali stakeholders at the technical level, parliamentarians, government actors (ministers, committee members, and political figures), relevant private sector firms, civil society and civil administration institutions. Also maintains regular contact with UN, donors, and NGO partners.         

G. Time Expected to Reach Full Performance Level:   One year (12 Months)  


How to Apply

Step 1: Register in MyJobsInKenya at

Step 2: Complete the job application questionnaire at The applicant must answer all the questions in the Questionnaire. 

Step 3: Internal Applicants/Current USG Employees: Attach an updated curriculum vitae/resume (no more than five pages), a copy of your most recent Performance Evaluation Report, and copies of all relevant certificates. Scan and attach all the documents as one attachment and upload to MyJobsInKenya.




External Applicants/Not Current USG Employees: Attach an updated curriculum vitae/resume (no more than five pages) and copies of all relevant certificates. Scan and attach all the documents as one attachment and upload to MyJobsInKenya . 


Note to Applicants:

1. Applications must be received by the closing date and time specified in Section I, item 3, and submitted through as stated in Section IV.

2. Submissions will only be accepted through Late and Incomplete applications (those that do not contain the applicant’s most current and up to date detailed CV and relevant education certificates) will not be considered for the position. The closing date for receipt of applications is indicated above.


Please note this advert has expired and you can not apply for it any longer.


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